Does anyone here own my old JS? Details inside..

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Does anyone here own my old JS? Details inside..

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Hi all, a bit of a long shot here but thought it worth asking.

Years and years ago, I sold a JS to someone either here, or that "other" forum we used to frequent. Unfortunately I can't remember if it was here or there.

It was a Q serial (I'm pretty sure) Sonic Blue JS to, and I'd like to know if someone here has it? To make this a bit less of a guessing game : It had a very specific bit of damage where it had fallen from a table and the original strap pin got pushed up into the guitar with force. This made me have to drill a hole to the side of it in the woodworking lab or my school (yeah, it was that long ago). I had to let this go as I was young and really broke, and for a number of reasons I'd love to get my hands back onto this instrument.