The original shortscale guitars; Mustangs, Duo-Sonics, Musicmasters, Jaguars, Broncos, Jag-stang, Jagmaster, Super-Sonic, Cyclone, and Toronados.

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dots wrote:incesticide
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I swear to god, every Squier Fender puts out nowdays, they change ONE thing to drive home the "the proper one is Fender"
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They’re trying to Hannibal Lecter your brain towards having your teeth straightened with Candid™� by having a pair of stark white crooked Mustang pickups jump out at you like O ALLO

But yeah, they seem to have bafflingly done away with black pickups and white switches so that neither Mustang plastic scheme is totally right on the CVs... and the looks are the most classic part of the “classic vibe� moniker. Looks more like they VM’d or Alternate Reality’d it’s ass.
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The fuck is this shit, how hard is it to get the stripes right?
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That's what Gibson have been doing with Epiphone. There was always something badly off with Epiphones(paper thin but super wide D necks on all of their models, shitty pickups, colour schemes that screamed CHEAP, etc) to me so you would want to upgrade it to a "proper guitar". I think PRS didn't make SE series that way, they were very close if not identical to their American cousins
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a peppermint stang
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