Blackout Jazzmaster rebuild (pic heavy)

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Blackout Jazzmaster rebuild (pic heavy)

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As the forum will show I've been on a mission to refresh my guitars - I still play a ton but only really my nice Stratocaster that I got done up last year by SF Guitarworks, I don't really plug shops but they've been great to me with aftercare since they did all that work for me.

Guitar was never about having pros in a shop do everything for me tho, and despite it being the most fabulous guitar I own I feel kinda hollow about the experience.

So the Black Jazzmaster is getting a spruce up by my own hand and the plan is:

1) New pickguard and redrill/fill
2) Wideranger neck and something PAF-y in the bridge
3) A complete rewire
4) Lacquer the headstock so that the decal melts on correctly, or replace the decal with something more custom
5) a complete set up and fretwork
6) TUSQ/synth-bone nut
7) Blackface amp knobs

I actually like the matte/satin finish so I'm keeping it but I was very close to having my girlfriend (a figurative artist, so insanely talented with nitro and poly paints among others I've learned) to help me strip and respray it in British Racing Green with a go faster stripe, but that would require more space than I have on hand currently and gives me a reason to buy another offset in the near future :P

Anyway without further adieu - here it as HNB did it and how it's been with me since my 4th month living in San Francisco:



Here it is again with the amp knobs I bought a few years back, the pots are smooth so they don't twist correctly on the current wiring:


I bought a Warmoth pickguard, bwb, tele blade switch and shielded:


Here's my choices of wiring and pickups; even though I've a steady hand I went with the quikplug stuff because I'm intrigued in these new systems going around, the Fishman Fluence stuff has been great so far.