Ideas on GFS pickups (filtertron goild-foil )

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Ideas on GFS pickups (filtertron goild-foil )

Post by izodiak »

I bought this cort semihollow guitar a while ago.
But I'm starting to dislike the factory p90s.
Wanted filtertron gretsch, jangly sound, like the guitar
but pickups are getting me bored.

Thinking about these :
GFS filtertrons
GFS single, ferrite type (sound cool on the video, vintagy)
GFS alnico singlecoil (more clear, trebly)

How do You think these would sound in a semi-hollow, singlecoils
wouldnt feedback, right
And usually I only use reverb,slapback delay, rythm/finger picker guy

Never bought any pup's so a BIG step for me, lol
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