Neutrik silent plug/Ibanez Soudtank unexpected issue

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Neutrik silent plug/Ibanez Soudtank unexpected issue

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Monday night was our drummer's final performance assessment for his course at the Academy of Contemporary Music, Guildford, and he had asked us to be *the* one of his six bands to play. No problem, we set up as usual on the wooden stage in the little performance room. My pedals are on a Stagg pedalboard/case and the final pedal is an old Ibanez Soundtank Digital Delay.
The lead I've been using back to the amp has a Neutrik Silent plug to avoid that nasty buzz as you unplug.
After we set up the singer decided to move closer to me so that the assessor could have a clear sight-line to the drummer. He moves around quite energetically. The guitar amp was not mic'ed up and I could only just hear myself, but towards the end of the first song I became aware that there was no sound coming out of the amp. After a few panicked seconds (Have I accidentally stepped on the tuner? The volume pedal?) I realised that the Neutrik plug had popped out of the Soundtank pedal. This has never happened before. It happened again during the second of three songs, so I swapped the cable so that the other end (not a Neutrik Silent plug) was in the pedal. No issue during the third and final song...

I don't know whether our singer actually trod on the cable or whether it was the vibrations from his dancing so close, but it wasn't what I needed. Still, they were listening to the drummer and not me, and I think he did well.