Halon Guitar Parts bridge for Classic Player / Adjustomatic

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Halon Guitar Parts bridge for Classic Player / Adjustomatic

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hwestman wrote: Tue Mar 12, 2019 7:53 am An interesting development for owners of Classic Player Jaguars and Jazzmasters.

IMHO the Adjustomatic bridge is the weak link of an otherwise potentially great guitar.

It’s has rattling saddles, sits loosely on the posts and generally feels cheap.

Until recently Staytrem offered a high quality replacement but AFAIK they have ceased production.

When the Greek company Halon Guitar Parts started advertising their offset bridges I contacted them and asked if they could tweak it to make a prototype that would fit the Adjustomatic posts. And they did!

Received it a couple of days ago and after tweaking and trying it out I must say that it shows a l lot of potential!

It is quite different from a standard bridge (as well as Staytrem and Mastery in that it’s milled from a chunk of 1060 steel. As a result it is much heavier and rigid than one made from bent sheet metal. This translates to a rock solid, fat tone and a lot more sustain. So it isn’t for purists. But for those like me who prefer more ring and sustain it is awesome.

Also it uses three intonated Tele-style saddles which allows perfect height adjustment regardless of fretboard radius.

The mounting holes for the posts are tight (on this prototype I had to enlarge them a fraction of a millimeter).

They are currently tweaking it a bit but even as it stands it is a fantastic upgrade (if you’re into fattening upp the tone, increasing sustain and decreasing rattle that is). I actually think I prefer it to the Mastery.

Admittedly I have turned into a bit of a fanboy but I haven’t received anything for free so I am reasonably bias free.

If you’re interested check out their Facebook page where you can see it on my Jag.