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are Jags Teles for the aging guitarist?
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PostPosted: Thu May 01, 2014 8:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Perhaps the upsurge in popularity recently has coincided with a lot more information about how to get the best out of these guitars being available to the masses, plus upgrade parts (such as the Mastery or Staytrem bridges) being available to buy.

Back in the 90s when Fender re-issued the Jag, (MIJ one) we got one into the shop I worked at. I was used to working on Strats, Teles, Gibbos etc - I couldn't get the damn thing to play right and as a result, it sat in the shop for ages before we discounted it enough to sell it on. Now I know what was causing the annoying rattles and the strings popping off the bridge saddles etc - and I could do something about it. Remember that back in the UK at that point, Jags weren't very common and there wasn't an internet to look stuff up on. You couldn't buy replacement parts and therefore, it was a bit of a dead duck to the common muso. In fact, I played the guitar and wrote it off as being a gimmicky toy and that this was the reason no-one in the rock world played one that I could think of (Surf music aside).

NOW, the information exchange of the internet means that more people can find out from other's hard work what it takes to sort these guitars out. Plus if your playing style doesn't suit, you can modify the guitar to make it more user friendly (uprated bridges/arms/pickups) etc. The world has changed for Offset designs in the last 5-10 years for the better. This means more folks are taking an interest, and are picking these instruments up because they offer something different to the tired-old sounds we've heard on countless recordings. That's my opinion, anyway - and very UK centric!! Smile
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