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Simple Jaguar Mods

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:52 am    Post subject: Simple Jaguar Mods Reply with quote

I figured I should replicate this here for anyone interested:

Mike wrote:

Did the benecol recommended pickup flip modification today. I flipped the orientation of the bridge and neck pickup switches (but kept them in their same positions) so that now down is the ON position. I left the strangle switch as it was as I want the down position for that to be OFF.

This is the stock orientation. Orange = Neck hot, Yellow = bridge Hot. The switches when on connect the pickups to the bare wire which goes to the strangle switch. When the strangle switch is OFF, the bare wire is connected directory to the other lug of the switch (the cap is shorted out) and then sent to the Volume knob. When the strange switch is ON, the signal is connected to the Volume knob via the cap (which cuts the lows passing through it).

After the mod. Since things aren't lined up now I used two pieces of wire to replace the original bare wire. The pickup wires didn't have much play in them, the hardest part was getting the grounding tag back on the bridge switch and screwed in. It was awkward but I got it done.

Now the switches are perfect, at this stage I'm thinking I won't end up installing a Toggle + Plate.

Here is the mod I did to the rhythm circuit to brighten it up. This is the stock rhythm circuit:

The Tone pot and the cap form a low pass filter. The high frequencies are dumped via the cap to ground, the pot controls how much, however 50K is a low resistance compared to the 1meg Volume pot, so even at max tone setting, you're still going to dump a huge bunch of the signal to ground via the cap.

I did this, which makes the two paths more comparable, now the circuit is much brighter and sounds great, I can trim a little of the top of the trebs off if I want with the pot. This will do fine until I ever feel like replacing the Tone pot with another 1meg.
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