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Stuffing even more stuff into one small pedal: Zoom MS-70CDR

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Joined: 21 Aug 2010
Posts: 1257
Location: Houston, Texas

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:22 am    Post subject: Stuffing even more stuff into one small pedal: Zoom MS-70CDR Reply with quote

I don't know how many here besides me use the MS-70CDR, but they've just released an update with 51 new effects in addition to the 86 already on there. This adds a lot of tremolos, phasers, filters, and compressors among other things.

Here's the link:
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The 25.5" subversion

Joined: 25 Apr 2006
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Location: Seoul

PostPosted: Tue Jun 06, 2017 1:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awesome news, can't wait to give em a spin...Quite generous (and so respectfully Japanese) that Zoom packed a load of DSP into the little things from the start instead of pulling a Line6 on us all. Also flad they're so cheap on the used market in the first place and can bring a world of coveted dynamic/delay/modulation fx into reach without having to go Booteakie.

BTW, a fellow on TGP posted the following load of goodness a good while back, a wealth of space for those of us like to stare at our sneakers.

Pretty straightforward. A volume swell with movement from the filter delay.
BassPitch: -5|2|35 - 0|100
Slow Attack Delay: 165|71|65 - 75|20|MONO - OFF
Filter Delay: - 500|45|75 - 10|70|8 - 100|OFF

Very thick reverb I use for shoegaze-y washes. The vibrato gives it a bit of movement rather than using a whammy bar. Change vibrato depth and speed to vary intensity.
Vibrato: 40|15|100 - 7|120
Dual Reverb: 50|315|45 - A9B5|30|70 - A9B5|-10|25

My go-to flanger sound at the moment.
Flanger: 90|10|4 - 15|65|100
TapeEcho: 235|20|30 - 4|100|OFF
HD Hall: 75|40|35 - 60|10|OFF

Modeled after the Synth Station mode on the Digitech EX7. Not quite the same, but a good swell sound.
PitchShift: 12|10|35 - 0|100
Slow Attack Delay: 1600|30|75 - 77|35|MONO - OFF
Dual Digital Delay: 315|800|45 - 10|M-35|22 - -35|59|60
ANA234Cho: 94|40|70 - 80|25|MONO
HD Reverb: 10|7|46 - 54|7|100 - OFF

"Simple Ambience". What I use to spice up a flat clean sound.
Analog Delay: 310|28|45 - 6|MONO|100 - OFF
CoronaTri: 30|60|65 - 60|ON
Plate: 9|35|35 - 58|97|95 - OFF|100

Can't remember if I tweaked this from the patch I found on here, but this approximates the Soft Focus patch on the Yamaha FX500 (i.e., the Slowdive sound)
Hall: 30|10|100 - 1|100|ON
HD Hall: 1|100|100 - 0|100|ON
StereoGuitarGEQ: 0|3|3 - 4|2|0 - 40
Chorus: 100|14|100 - 5|100

Another patch found on TGP. Cops the Symphonic patch from the Yamaha FX500.
HD Hall: 1|100|100 - 0|100|ON
Hall: 30|8|100 - 1|120|ON
Chorus: 40|25|50 - 8|100
PitchShift: 12|8|30 - 8|95
StereoGuitarGEQ: 2|-2|-6 - -2|2|4 - 100

A very thick, "chewy" vibrato. The Drive Echo gives it a nice breakup.
Vibrato: 65|30|40 - 7|120
Drive Echo: 80|75|375 - 70|20|DRIV - OFF|MONO
Spring: 20|2|50 - 61|100|OFF

Kick in for a nice lead tone. Mid boost, extra drive, and delay/reverb all at once. Sounds good clean or dirty.
Air: 20|3|25 - 5|100|OFF
StereoGuitarGEQ: 0|2|8 - 3|0|0 - 100
Drive Echo: 100|40|415 - 35|5|DRIV - OFF|MONO
Spring: 20|7|25 - 1|150|OFF

P-Pad +5
"Particle Pad". Nice ambient pad sound.
PitchShift: 5*|2|60 - 0|100
Slow Attack Delay: 490|60|45 - 69|30|MONO - OFF
Particle Reverb: 55|100|STBL - 55|ON|OFF
StereoCho: 100|30|60 - 7|100
*I have patches with +/-5, +/-7, and +12 for different sounds.

Simple volume swell patch.
Detune: 10|10|50 - 6|100
Detune: -10|10|50 - 4|100
Slow Attack Delay: 1|0|100 - 0|40|MONO - OFF
Multi Tap Delay: 3000|8|100 - 3|100|OFF

My attempt at a Nick McCabe-style delay. Not quite there but I use it often.
TapeEcho3: 55|55|630 - 45|OFF|ON
HD Hall: 81|45|70 - 30|60|OFF
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